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Check out the newly remodeled kitchen! Which one would you want to buy after looking at the before and after pictures?

Savior Remodeling gets the job done very affordably. We use inexpensive but on-trend materials, and keep what we can that is existing. Check out those before and after pictures of that bathroom!

At Savior Remodeling, we help customers prepare their house to get the highest selling price possible. We work with homeowners and realtors to come up with the best “light” remodeling plan that will get your home the highest sales price for the lowest cost possible.

This is our IDEA for you.

Increase the price you get for your home

Decrease the number of days it takes for you to close on your house

Eliminate areas of your home that take away from its overall beauty and appeal

Accelerate the amount of time it takes to get your house ready to sell

Our company was founded by a teacher, so our goal is to educate our customers on what options they have when selling their house. Before starting our remodeling division, we successfully flipped over 30 houses and participated in over 50 closings. Now, going into our third year, we have chosen to share our knowledge and experience with homeowners and realtors. Give us a call so we can help you!

We Love Our Community!

Happy Kids, Happy Community! We donate up to $250 per job to the church or charity of our client's choice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No! We have a unique skill set to offer you. There are lots of great remodeling companies that will do whatever you want to your house. The problem is, most remodeling companies do not actually sell real estate on a regular basis. We do. Why is that important? When our Savior Realty brand buys, rehabs, and flips a home, we discover new ways to save money and get the highest return on investment. Our remodeling company wants to share that knowledge with you so you can spend the least amount of money to get the best return on your home sale.

We have helped customers remodel their homes and turn a $5,000 remodeling investment into a $10,000+ gain on their sales price. That is a huge return on your investment.

We will help you and your sales team identify what areas of your home need the most help. We will outline a plan based on your budget and goals. If you like our plan, we can complete most remodeling projects within 7 days. If you do not want to move forward that is okay also; we don't expect to remodel every house we look at and each situation has different needs.

Since our rehabbing division flips homes all over DFW, we know the specific detail and requirements that are standard for your personal neighborhood. We are not just an “order taker” for remodeling services, we are skilled consultants who partner with your sales team to identify a great plan to fit your goals.

Each neighborhood and type of home hold different expectations for buyers. The market of buyers will determine how much your house sells for. The selling price will be based on the condition, location, size, and design of your house along with the value of other houses for sale in your area. You cannot change the location of your house or control how many other homes are for sale. You can increase the size and floorplan of your home but that requires permits, lots of time, and money. The fastest way to influence the price of your home is the condition.

We will come out to your home and meet with you and your sales team. After understanding your goals, we will evaluate the interior and exterior of the home and offer recommendations.

Kitchens and Bathrooms are a focus area for most buyers. (This is not new information.) We use resurfacing technology on countertops and tile that can give an updated look for half the cost of replacing those same surfaces.

Cracks showing in drywall can scare potential or interested buyers away. The Savior brand has a foundation company that can evaluate and repair any foundation issues before the house is listed for sale. We use independent third-party engineers for all foundation testing and evaluation. If the foundation is okay despite cracks showing, Savior Remodeling can make drywall repairs and repaint.

Here are some other ways Savior Remodeling helps our customers get their home ready for sale:

1. Paint the interior walls, trim, and ceiling a uniform, modern color.

2. Upgrade the flooring in the entire home or in only parts of the home.

3. Upgrade fixtures, ceiling fans, and sinks.

4. Upgrade appliances.

5. Exterior work and landscaping

6. We have more we can do - just ask!

Upgrading the condition of your home will make it more appealing to buyers. Most of the buyers in today’s market are buying homes priced close to the maximum loan they have been pre-approved for. When buying the most expensive home they can afford, there is not usually money leftover to renovate the home. The feedback we have from buyers and Realtors is that the more updated a house looks, the easier it is for a buyer to see themselves moving in and make an offer without waiting.

The perception in the market right now is that if a house is listed for sale, you will have a line of buyers fighting for the home the first weekend, regardless of the condition. This can be true if all the factors of a home are in line with what buyers want. If the house is not updated and not in top condition, the house will often sit on the market for weeks or months, or only receive offers lower than the list price. We help get your house in the best shape to attract as many full-price (or higher!) offers as possible for the smallest investment possible. If more people are are interested in your home, you have the potential to receive more offers sooner, decreasing the amount of time to sell your home. Also if you have multiple offers to choose from, you can select the buyer whose qualifications look the strongest and have the greatest chance of closing on time.

When we walk through your home, we are looking at it with the mind of a buyer. Buyers will naturally focus more on things that look broken or out of place instead of the parts of your home that are fully updated or just in good working order.

One piece of advice I have heard from homeowners and their sales team is, “don't update your house, the market is so hot it will still sell quickly.” While everyone has a right to their opinion, we at Savior Remodeling do not agree with this statement. Here is why: Every house will sell quickly at the “right price,” but does every house sell quickly at the highest price? Do you want any price, or the highest price? We help our customers get the highest price. Recently one of our customers was recommended by her sales consultant to not upgrade her home and sell the house for $160,000, as-is. In our opinion, this was terrible advice for the situation and goals of the customer. The customer fired their sales consultant and hired us to perform a $8,000 remodel on her home. Shortly after the house was listed, the customer had an $185,000 offer on her newly remodeled home. This customer was glad she invested $8,000 for 90 days, for a sale price of $25,000 more dollars than the original recommended listing price.

We work quickly. We have computer systems, a strong team, and follow up methods that help us get the work done quickly; in most cases, less than 7 days from start of work to finish.

Because we focus on smaller remodeling jobs, our contractors are never “4 or 8 weeks out”, like a lot of the competition. We can normally start your job within a couple of days.

We can have multiple speciality contractors all working side by side simultaneously. This can cut the job completion time by 70%.

Yes, we do! We partner with Realtors to form a team (Realtor, Homeowner, Remodeling Consultants) that come up with the best plan for the home based on the situation and goals. Realtors love working with us because we offer a different perspective that helps their client get to their goals. We partner with Realtors daily to buy and sell our own properties in our rehabbing division. We look forward to helping your client.

Do you work with Realtors?

How will you accelerate the amount of time it takes to get my house ready to sell?

How can you eliminate areas of my home that take away from its overall beauty and appeal?

How can you help me decrease the number of days it takes to sell my house?

How can you help me increase the price of my house?

Are you just like all the other remodeling companies?

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How to Get Into The Mind of A Buyer

Savior Remodeling Quick Tip

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